Day of rest

It was quiet day after a frustratingly restless night. Some wonderful pre-Christmas visits from friends and family helped pass the time in an increasingly empty wing of the hospital.

The word from the staff here is that we are a go to transfer tomorrow, but there seems to be some confusion about whether the transfer hospital would be able to process the paperwork that quickly – especially given the holidays – and if they are accepting patients because of a recent outbreak of flu.

Deane has been having trouble sleeping probably because his legs are strapped to his wedge and when he tries to sleep on his side he has one foot struck in the air or because he is stuck in bed all day and is not expending much energy. At any rate, the night have been long and disrupted which doesn’t help the healing process or anyone’s mood. As we while away the hours of the night before the night before Christmas, we are wishing for a good night’s rest and a present of the end of the first phase of Deane’s journey by being transferred


One thought on “Day of rest

  1. Hi — Let me know if you are coming over today. I’m in until mid afternoon and will drop by!

    Those casts are horrendous for sleep and comfort. I remember Ben had to be turned constantly and it was so frustrating for everyone. Happy holidays!!!


    Posted by Louise at BLOOM | December 24, 2012, 12:13 pm

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