Happy Anniversary!

I celebrated an anniversary last week. With the end of summer and the start of school, the actual date passed me by. It’s been a year since I started writing this blog.

When I began writing, I wasn’t sure where this was going to lead me. I did it because, after years writing about politics, business and personal finance, I wanted to write about something I was passionate about.

I expected to focus my journalistic instincts on the many issues of raising a disabled child. I thought I would write about many different disabilities and the myriad issues facing those families. I was hoping to attract others connected to disabled families to share and contribute their experiences.

Some of that has happened. But, as is often the case – especially for families with disabled children – things didn’t unfold as expected.

When I started writing Deane was a happy, loving 14 year old about to start high school. While there were inklings of the teenager – watching a Rush DVD every morning (What keeps you going) – life continued much as it had been when he was little. He was disabled, but not medically complicated.

What I didn’t know at the time was that our family’s life was about to be tossed upside down. Deane’s hip surgery in December consumed our lives. Not only did winter not happen – no Christmas, no skiing – but our normal routine around the house with family dinners and Saturday morning snuggles in Deane’s bed disappeared.

The blog became my outlet and your responses our support. I had never meant to write about our lives every day and in such detail. My journalistic training forbids that kind of navel-gazing narcissism. But the encouragement from friends, family and followers who have joined along the way gave me the strength – and the permission – to continue.

We got through the non-winter and lurched into an odd summer of feeding tubes and home care bureaucracy. It feels like a long way from where we began.

So here we are a year and a bit after I began and I want to say thank you to all of you – those I know well and those I’ve only met online – for reading, commenting and supporting us in this journey. I hope you’ll join us as we embark on the next leg of this adventure – whatever it may involve.




One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Ijeoma, your writing is so engaging and your subject matter takes the breath away as it requires immediate emotional investment and moves the reader to cheer for the good guy … in this case, the good guy being your family (and Deane of course). While it may not have unfolded as you imagined, your blog is a gift and your strength is inspiring.

    Thanks for sharing … love love love

    Ron G


    Posted by Ron Guthrie | September 12, 2013, 1:56 pm

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