It’s official

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Deane is looking more like himself after five months of ng and g tubes

I have to admit I was feeling pretty positive. This was one appointment I wasn’t worried about.

Yesterday was our follow up visit to the feeding clinic. Five months ago, they were the ones who had put Deane on the track to his g-tube.

Although I had been very hesitant, I think Deane adapted first to the NG tube in his nose all summer and then the g tube extremely well. In fact, I was expecting high praise for how well we had done.

According to the lengthy list kept in my phone, Deane has gained 5 kg from his lowest weight, just before the NG tube went in. Those who lift him, including his teachers, all say he has gained weight and height since September.

He is also much more himself. A far cry from the exhausted, disengaged boy who had suffered through major surgery, pneumonia and three months of hard work and constant observation in a residential hospital with parents who felt under siege.

Given all this, I told Deane the appointment would be very straightforward – they would weigh and measure him, talk a little and we’d be on our way.

We arrived. He was weighed. He was watched. I was questioned.

According to their records, he had only gained two kilograms. The cheerful speech-path who had seen us while in the rehab hospital as well as at the clinic, said Deane had chubbier cheeks and seemed more energetic.

Just to be safe, she wanted to listen to his swallow. Although not a pudding fan, Deane obediently and safely swallowed two spoonfuls. She concluded It takes him two or three swallows to clear his mouth.

The doctor arrived, pinched the skin on the back of his arm, concluded his body fat is still too low. We should be working on increasing it.

Then they told us to come back in a year. In the medical world, that’s as good as it gets.

So I guess it’s official. The g-tube is a success.


One thought on “It’s official

  1. Way to go Deane!!!


    Posted by judith | November 28, 2013, 7:37 am

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