Wanted: personal camp counselor

Deane and Dad in a wakeboard boat. Getting out of the cottage is the goal.

Deane and Dad in a wakeboard boat. Getting out of the cottage is the goal.

I don’t know where the last two months have gone. It seemed winter would never end and now we are hurdling toward summer.

The school year has been a blur of over scheduled days and weekends that are barely a blip in the frantic pace.

My kids, of course, are counting down the days to summer. Why not? It’s a time to relax, play in the sun and hang out with friends and family.

But for those long days of unscheduled time to be as much fun for me, I was supposed to spend the last two months finding someone to assist me with childcare.

I have to admit I find it hard to recruit summer help. First, there is the general difficulty we have finding people to assist looking after Deane. Then there is the setting. We spend most of the summer at our cottage 2 ½ hours from where we live. When Deane was younger, we had a series of relatives who were more than willing to spend the summer on the lake while helping to look after Deane.

Asking a stranger to come live with us at the cottage is more than a little awkward.  Along with that, I’ve also realized that the job description needs some fine tuning.

To say I want someone to help me look after Deane is too vague and generally leaves me directing the activities and still responsible for most of his care. I could list off a series of duties, but that still doesn’t capture what I’m looking for.

What do I want Deane’s summer to look like? Left to his own devices, he would spend the whole summer watching videos in the cottage and vegging to the same shows on his iPad during meals.  This is what led to our disastrous camp experience last summer.

This year, he is healthier and stronger and I want him to have a more active and interactive summer. Deane is happy to go in our motor boat and content to sit on a flutter board held by an adult and bounce in the waves. But that only takes up so much time.

The challenge is to get him interested in slower boats, in being in the water more and just enjoying the concept of relaxing outside. There’s also no reason he shouldn’t interact with the many cousins and others who drift through our cottage. He enjoys just about anything that involves goofing around and laughing.

At this late day, I realize what I need is a personal camp counselor. Know anyone who fits the bill?




One thought on “Wanted: personal camp counselor

  1. I’m a friend of Patty’s and I know a couple women who might be right for this, so maybe you’ll hear from one of them. Camp Counselling is a good, accessible description. Asking for what you need and want is the best way to get it. =) Best wishes for a fabulous summer!

    Posted by Kate Hoffmann | May 30, 2014, 5:19 pm

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