About disabledfamiles

The blog

disabledfamilies is about  my experience raising a family with a disabled child. It will draw on the shock of diagnosis, the pain of missing milestones, the isolation of gatherings with other parents, the doctors’ appointments, the difficulties of navigating the education system, the joy and challenge of the birth of a non-disabled child and the fears for the future.

It will also be an opportunity to share other information relating to raising a disabled family. I will post links to useful and interesting articles and sites.  I hope other parents, grandparents, families and friends of disabled children will join the conversation because we all gain strength and encouragement by remembering we are not alone.

The author

As a freelance writer, living in Toronto, Ontario, I have written for newspapers, magazines and websites. I covered news, business and human interest stories, but rarely about what is closest to me – my family. I have two children – my son Deane who has cerebral palsy and a younger daughter. This blog is an opportunity to bring my professional life and my personal experience together.


2 thoughts on “About disabledfamiles

  1. http://www.reflector.com/news/overcome-live-1421657
    Ijeoma, I read this article about a young woman in our community that has cerebral palsy. I thought you might find it of interest.


    Posted by Ann hamze | November 25, 2012, 11:25 am


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