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Riding alone

It is very strange to be sitting here at 3:30. For 14 ½ years, 3:30 has been time to drop what I was doing and meet the school bus. Since my son was in preschool, he has taken a school-sanctioned bus twice a day and my day has been regulated by that bus. The arrival … Continue reading

Unexpectedly moved

I’m not a weeper. I rarely cry at movies. Kind, thoughtful actions don’t send my ducts into overdrive. I leave weddings dry-eyed. But, in the midst of a conference about science and cerebral palsy, I found tears leaking out under my glasses. I hadn’t heard a great medical break through, it was a song dedicated … Continue reading

It was worth it

There were tears at the beginning and tears at the end. But they couldn’t have been more different. When we left Deane at camp, the tears were stomach-churning, guilt-inducing don’t-leave-me tears. When we went to pick him up, the tears were a huge relief: He didn’t want camp to end. We had been told that … Continue reading

Sometimes it is good news

“Everything is fine,” began the message from our son’s camp. This is how calls from school always begin. School – and this time camp – assumes parents have a no-news-is-good-news approach. We certainly have been repeating this to ourselves and everyone else who has asked how our son was doing at his first overnight camp. … Continue reading

Camp drop off

        It began to pour. There was even some hail. Deane’s mood was playing out in the weather. Deane had been in a good mood the whole drive to camp, enjoying the last piece of a doughnut as we pulled into the parking lot. He grew more concerned as we went through … Continue reading

A helpful reminder

At least someone is focusing on fun. While I sort laundry and fill out forms, Deane’s 11-year-old sister decided that her brother should set some fun goals for camp. His sister, who is also going to sleep-over camp for the first time this year, had already compiled her own list. There are some similarities, but … Continue reading

Camp countdown

A week from today, I will be waking up wondering how my son’s first night at camp went. Up until now, his first overnight camp without the family has been a distant, almost theoretical topic – something we referred to but didn’t dwell on. It’s now time to start labelling clothes, checking packing lists and … Continue reading

Time for recognition

OK, so it was a bit long and repetitive. It was the same pattern over and over again. There were many people to thank and pictures to take. But none of us regretted the morning we spent in the school basement. When you’re the parent of a disabled child there aren’t many occasions to celebrate … Continue reading

Happy 16th Birthday Deane!

You’ve changed my world in so many great ways. Love you Dude.

Wanted: personal camp counselor

I don’t know where the last two months have gone. It seemed winter would never end and now we are hurdling toward summer. The school year has been a blur of over scheduled days and weekends that are barely a blip in the frantic pace. My kids, of course, are counting down the days to … Continue reading