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Label my child – if you must

When I talk to someone I’ve just met about Deane, I don’t use the phrase cerebral palsy. In fact, unless it is important, I don’t even mention that he is disabled. This has led to some awkward situations, but I’m willing to risk that to avoid labelling Deane. I’m afraid that if I say “My … Continue reading

What we wish we had said

Reading Twitter last night when I was supposed to be checking my daughter’s hockey schedule, I fell upon a tweet from Bloom, the blog from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital. Bloom’s blogger, Louise Kinross is the inspiration for Disabled Families. The way she writes about her son Ben is moving and compassionate. Her heartfelt honesty … Continue reading

Diagnosis day

In her blog about special needs children for Today’s Parent, Anchel Krishna describes receiving her daughter’s cerebral palsy diagnosis in a very straight forward, calm manner: And that’s when the fog came in, and all I could think about was not crying in front of the doctor…. Then she proceeded to tell us that she … Continue reading