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Feet first

Recovery is an incremental process. The changes can be minute. But then some days all those little improvements add up to big changes. Today, for the first time, Deane was allowed to remove the wedge, take off his leg immobilizers and sit with his legs bent, free of any constriction. He looks so much like … Continue reading

New Year’s Non-Resolution

Happy New Year! Our family celebrated New Year’s Eve in our son’s room in the orthopaedic unit of the rehabilitation hospital that will be his home for the next couple of months. He fell asleep about 11:30. Our daughter watched a live streaming of the count down with us. Unlike other years, there was no … Continue reading

Sleeping like a baby

When my children were infants, there was no more important issue than sleep. Any conversation among parents of newborns eventually circled around to sleep – the baby’s constantly changing habits and the parents’ lack of it. The debates among proponents of different approaches – co-sleeping, letting babies cry it out or no method at all … Continue reading