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Where has the time gone

My office is strewn with file folders. I can’t turn around without rolling over some vital document. The recycling under my desk is so full I can’t straighten my legs. My desk is covered with a mess of papers that were once distinct, important piles. Although I would never claim to be the tidiest person, … Continue reading

Help Wanted

Wanted: energetic and enthusiastic person who likes like swimming, boating and being outdoors. Must be patient, have experience with children and comfortable “living-in” in separate accommodations during the week. Pay negotiable. Sounds like a great summer job, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t be hard to fill. Oh, did I mention must be strong enough to lift a … Continue reading

The pros and cons of assistance

“Do you think you will need some assistance when you go home?” the outplacement co-ordinator asked me. Although my bullheaded instinct is to always say we can handle it, this time I hesitated. I was sitting in a team meeting about half way through my son’s 80-day rehabilitation from hip surgery. “What kind of assistance?” … Continue reading

Out running disability

Yesterday, a statue was unveiled near the starting line of the Boston Marathon. The statue, titled Yes You Can, is dedicated to Dick and Rick Hoyt who will compete in their 31st Boston Marathon next week. Running the oldest annual marathon every year for three decades is inspirational enough. Competing once again at their respective … Continue reading