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New Year’s – take 2

I’m celebrating my second New Year’s Eve in the hospital. Dec. 31, 2012, passed with barely a cheer. Tonight, we are anticipating the real beginning of our New Year – going home. While New Year’s is about looking forward, it is also a time for reflecting on what has gone before. Here, on our second … Continue reading

Five days and counting…

Deane is being discharged on Friday – 80 days after his hip surgery. It has been quite a journey:  the oxygen masks, the suction tubes, the abduction wedge, the knee immobilizers, the physio, the NG tubes, the minced food, the pressure sore, the in-house school and the recreation; Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday; the … Continue reading

You can’t go home again …

On the wall of his bedroom, hangs a large collage of pictures. There’s Deane as an infant in his father’s arms, as a six-year-old on a carousel in Paris, meeting the Raptor – the mascot of his favourite basketball team, skiing with the family, tubing with his cousins and him with many friends. I made … Continue reading

Trial run

We were given a weekend pass to come home. This is chance to see if there is equipment or accommodations we would need to be able to bring Deane home. But for Deane, it’s an opportunity to come home for the first time since December. Excited didn’t begin to express his mood today.

Pushing recreation

Deane didn’t want to go. Just the mention of it put him in a bad mood. Music therapy. In theory, something a guy who loves music should enjoy. We had tried years ago with limited success. I don’t know if he remembered that experience and I’m also not sure how we got referred to the … Continue reading

Ask – don’t tell

We’re celebrating an anniversary.  It’s been exactly two months since Deane’s surgery. Two months that have taken us from operation to ICU to constant care to rehabilitation. We’ve been through oxygen saturation difficulties to a collapsed lung to hydration and swallowing concerns. There have been five NG tubes shoved up his nose, days of unappetizing … Continue reading

No rest

There is no resting on your laurels in the world of physio. Last week Deane was weight bearing for the first time since his operation. A few days of pulling himself up on a turntable to aid in transferring and we’re moving on. This week, it is assisted walking. Deane was able in the past … Continue reading

The hard work

His hands grip the bar. His head hangs down. But on the count of three, you can see his legs tense and start to push his body up. For most of us, standing up is a simple process we do without thinking. For Deane, it is something he is having to relearn, to reteach his … Continue reading