New Year’s – take 2

Deane, with his physio, showing off the results of all his hard work.

Deane, with his physio, showing off the results of all his hard work.

I’m celebrating my second New Year’s Eve in the hospital. Dec. 31, 2012, passed with barely a cheer. Tonight, we are anticipating the real beginning of our New Year – going home.

While New Year’s is about looking forward, it is also a time for reflecting on what has gone before. Here, on our second New Year’s Eve, are some of the things I learned during our 80-day journey from surgery to rehabilitation.

  • While each family’s story is unique, it is comforting to be in a community which shares  common experiences.
  • The relationship you had with your child coming in – good or bad – isn’t going to change just because everything else has.
  • Not all health care professionals are pinnacles of warmth
  • A concerned “How are you?” from a nurse can make your day.
  • Not all parents are self-sacrificing and supportive caregivers.
  • If you didn’t speak the language, this would be a terrifying experience.
  • Even if you doubt the “softer” professions having a social worker who will listen without taking sides is a necessary sanity saver.
  • While hospital food has become more varied, it’s still not good.
  • Personality is as important as professional qualifications.
  • Just because people are well meaning does not mean they are right.
  • “You know your child best,” does not mean you get to make the decisions.
  • Parents don’t always make the right decisions.
  • Being reasonable and respectful – as hard as it may be – gets you further than anger and insults.
  • There is a comradery of common existence that brings you together with people you might never otherwise encounter.
  • Sharing details of your child’s experience for once makes you one of the crowd, not an outsider.
  • This would be impossible without a support network to help keep you going.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to healthy 2013- take 2.



One thought on “New Year’s – take 2

  1. What a journey the four of you have been on. Look forward to ringing in the “new” year with you!!!!

    Posted by Leah Patry | March 1, 2013, 4:06 pm

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