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Label my child – if you must

When I talk to someone I’ve just met about Deane, I don’t use the phrase cerebral palsy. In fact, unless it is important, I don’t even mention that he is disabled. This has led to some awkward situations, but I’m willing to risk that to avoid labelling Deane. I’m afraid that if I say “My … Continue reading

The value of suing the doctor

Flipping channels the other night, we came across the documentary Hot Coffee. The premise of the movie is that the U.S. justice system has been distorted by big business reaction to the well-known case of the 83-year-old woman who sued McDonald’s after received third degree burns a spilled coffee. The documentary sites four stories as … Continue reading

Diagnosis day

In her blog about special needs children for Today’s Parent, Anchel Krishna describes receiving her daughter’s cerebral palsy diagnosis in a very straight forward, calm manner: And that’s when the fog came in, and all I could think about was not crying in front of the doctor…. Then she proceeded to tell us that she … Continue reading

Just do what you have to do

I don’t consider us a disabled family. Don’t get me wrong, my son has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and is developmentally delayed so, technically, we are a family with a disability. Certainly that’s how the many people view us. I’m not going to say that “disabled” is a mindset. There are many things my son … Continue reading