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It takes a village …

The expression “It takes a village to raise a child” has always conjured up a very specific image in my mind. The picture in my head is of a child in an African village who is looked after not only by parents, but by grandparents, older siblings, extended family members and close friends. He or … Continue reading

You can’t go home again …

On the wall of his bedroom, hangs a large collage of pictures. There’s Deane as an infant in his father’s arms, as a six-year-old on a carousel in Paris, meeting the Raptor – the mascot of his favourite basketball team, skiing with the family, tubing with his cousins and him with many friends. I made … Continue reading

Just do what you have to do

I don’t consider us a disabled family. Don’t get me wrong, my son has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and is developmentally delayed so, technically, we are a family with a disability. Certainly that’s how the many people view us. I’m not going to say that “disabled” is a mindset. There are many things my son … Continue reading