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Where people know your name

Sometimes you want to go  Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. For people of a certain age, these lyrics immediately conjure up the TV show Cheers and an overweight man walking into the bar to be greeted by the staff shouting his name. Reminiscing about eighties TV shows is not my … Continue reading

Birthday surprise

The list goes on and on: the musical letter matching pad, the remote-control Brio train; the DVD complete with dance pad; the 18” remote-control robot that danced, burped and farted; the glowing, spinning sphere controlled by an iPad. We even wrapped up the Wii console and gave it to him (not that the rest of … Continue reading

Hospital life: our open door

We have an open door policy. It’s partly because we still spend a lot of time in our room and a closed door just makes our existence that much smaller. It’s also because welcoming people to your home at any time is how I was brought up. The down side of that in our current … Continue reading

The stockings are …

My son got transferred to a rehabilitation hospital today – two weeks less a day after his hip surgery. I wrote in my last post that this would be a great Christmas present. After another rough night, the nurse came in at 6:30 and said she was going ot take out Deane’s IV because the … Continue reading

A different perspective

“What about Christmas?” That was the immediate reaction from my nine-year-old daughter when I announced at the dinner table that Deane was going to have his hip surgery in mid-December. “Does that mean were not going to have our Christmas party?” Well… My husband and I went into reassurance mode. We will work it out. … Continue reading

The value of suing the doctor

Flipping channels the other night, we came across the documentary Hot Coffee. The premise of the movie is that the U.S. justice system has been distorted by big business reaction to the well-known case of the 83-year-old woman who sued McDonald’s after received third degree burns a spilled coffee. The documentary sites four stories as … Continue reading

What keeps you going

Deane has watched the same Rush concert video after breakfast almost every day this summer. The whole family knows which are his favourite songs and the few he won’t watch. Our nine-year-old daughter can sing almost all the lyrics to the heavy metal tunes. Like many developmentally delayed kids, Deane has certain things he likes … Continue reading

Just do what you have to do

I don’t consider us a disabled family. Don’t get me wrong, my son has cerebral palsy spastic quadriplegia and is developmentally delayed so, technically, we are a family with a disability. Certainly that’s how the many people view us. I’m not going to say that “disabled” is a mindset. There are many things my son … Continue reading