Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

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Impossible is Nothing

Impossible is Nothing Enough of what I think! This is the link to our daughter’s video about her brother. She made this as the entry into a contest at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to produce a picture or video that changes the way the world views childhood disability. She borrowed a slogan used by … Continue reading

Every breakthrough helps

I woke up yesterday morning to a story on the radio about a man in a vegetative state – a term that makes me uneasy – who had been able to communicate with his doctors through brain scans. The man had been left “severely brain damaged” – more uneasiness – after a car crash. He … Continue reading

On siblings

Tommy and Melanie sat up front going through a well-practiced performance of questions and answers. Tommy, now nine, answers almost of the questions. He is used to answering for Melanie – he’s been doing it his whole life. It was questions about Melanie that prompted Tommy and his mother, Nathalie Wendling, to write a book. … Continue reading

The value of playing

We would go full of optimism and pride at how well Deane was doing, ready to list his accomplishments since our last visit. I left every time and dissolved into sobbing tears. Deane was born two months premature and for the first year of his life was followed by the preemie clinic at the hospital. … Continue reading

Explaining the love of music

I wish I had had a camera. From my seat, the upright pipe organ was framed by my mother’s profile on the left and Deane’s on the right. Both their faces shone with that kind of eye-sparkle, inner-warmth glow. It is one of Deane’s rituals after the service to half walk, half dance across the … Continue reading