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Riding alone

It is very strange to be sitting here at 3:30. For 14 ½ years, 3:30 has been time to drop what I was doing and meet the school bus. Since my son was in preschool, he has taken a school-sanctioned bus twice a day and my day has been regulated by that bus. The arrival … Continue reading

You can’t go home again …

On the wall of his bedroom, hangs a large collage of pictures. There’s Deane as an infant in his father’s arms, as a six-year-old on a carousel in Paris, meeting the Raptor – the mascot of his favourite basketball team, skiing with the family, tubing with his cousins and him with many friends. I made … Continue reading

Surgery day

Sitting in the family waiting room. Waiting and waiting. My head is swimming slightly with a combination of exhaustion from a 5 a.m. wake up and nervousness of not knowing what it is going on. Our son has been in surgery for four hours. Still two more hours to go. Then comes a long healing … Continue reading