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Feet first

Recovery is an incremental process. The changes can be minute. But then some days all those little improvements add up to big changes. Today, for the first time, Deane was allowed to remove the wedge, take off his leg immobilizers and sit with his legs bent, free of any constriction. He looks so much like … Continue reading

Rolling on to rehab

“Now the hard work begins.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this to my son who had just spent the last week struggling to breathe with a collapsed lung. He has had tubes stuck down his throat and up his nose to suction the secretions out of his lungs at all times of the day … Continue reading

On the bumpy road to recovery

Deane transferred out of the ICU today. He went more than 24 hours without any assistance breathing so as far as intensive care was concerned, their job was done. At about 1:30, Deane rode his bed through the back halls of the hospital up to the orthopaedic floor. This is the goal for which Deane … Continue reading

Post Surgery – Day 2

The hospital at night is not as quiet as you might expect. Unless you’re in a room by yourself because your child is still in constant care with breathing problems. Then it is unsettlingly quiet. Deane is still struggling with secretions blocking his airways. He had a rough night last night and is starting off … Continue reading