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The white flag

“Nice way to wake up,” I snarled at the nurses. From my hard, fold-out chair beside my son’s hospital bed, I saw three nurses and heard Deane crying as they peeled his eyelids back to put eye drops his still sleeping eyes. I fell back in my bed and really felt like I might not … Continue reading

More himself … in every way

I alternated between shouting and pleading. My son alternated his yelling between loud and louder. I was too frustrated to worry about the scene we were making.  I’m sure we weren’t the first people to have such a showdown. I had taken Deane to see the therapy dogs that are brought into the hospital every … Continue reading

An ad I like

I don’t watch much TV that isn’t kids programming. So it’s unusual for me to want to write about a TV ad, but here goes. Last night while watching I don’t know what, an ad from the insurance company MassMutual came on. Apparently it has been around a while, but this was the first time … Continue reading

The importance of Oct. 31

The day after Halloween last year, my daughter told me what she was going to be for this Halloween. Then, a couple of times over the summer, she told me that she had been thinking about Halloween and had changed her mind. Of course, the costume choice changed twice more in the weeks leading up … Continue reading

Our most important gift

The U.S. TV anchorwoman who went on air to respond to an email she received criticizing her weight gone viral online. It has received a phenomenal amount of media coverage. But I thought it was worth adding a bit more. I’m not interested in debating whether the anchor, Jennifer Livingston, is obese. She admits that on a … Continue reading

What keeps you going

Deane has watched the same Rush concert video after breakfast almost every day this summer. The whole family knows which are his favourite songs and the few he won’t watch. Our nine-year-old daughter can sing almost all the lyrics to the heavy metal tunes. Like many developmentally delayed kids, Deane has certain things he likes … Continue reading