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Day of rest

It was quiet day after a frustratingly restless night. Some wonderful pre-Christmas visits from friends and family helped pass the time in an increasingly empty wing of the hospital. The word from the staff here is that we are a go to transfer tomorrow, but there seems to be some confusion about whether the transfer … Continue reading

The power of positive distractions

Today was a day about building on gains.┬áThe medical establishment isn’t happy with a spark here and peek there of the person before surgery. It wants you on solidly on the road back to your regular self with your regular routine. So today was about eating and drinking more. There really wasn’t much else on … Continue reading

What next?

So I finally asked the doctor what it would take for us to get out of the hospital. Only today did I feel we were close enough to the end to ask what hurdles remained. In general, medical staff – the doctors, nurses, specialists – talk about the immediate, which test needs to be done … Continue reading

Post-surgery – Day 5. Milestones in a marathon

On the way home from the hospital, I fell asleep on the subway. Almost missed my stop. I guess adrenaline will only take you far.   Deane is not running on adrenaline. He is, as they say in sports journalism, gutting it out, digging deep and – do I dare say – giving 110%. Today … Continue reading

Post Surgery – Day 2

The hospital at night is not as quiet as you might expect. Unless you’re in a room by yourself because your child is still in constant care with breathing problems. Then it is unsettlingly quiet. Deane is still struggling with secretions blocking his airways. He had a rough night last night and is starting off … Continue reading