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Post-surgery – Day 5. Milestones in a marathon

On the way home from the hospital, I fell asleep on the subway. Almost missed my stop. I guess adrenaline will only take you far.   Deane is not running on adrenaline. He is, as they say in sports journalism, gutting it out, digging deep and – do I dare say – giving 110%. Today … Continue reading

Post surgery – Day 4. Small steps

It’s not wise to go looking for drama when you’re in the hospital. All too often it will find you and it’s not good. But when there aren’t any big developments, it’s hard to know how things are going. That’s how Deane’s fifth day in the hospital has been. It’s not that nothing happened. Late … Continue reading

Post surgery

So the operation went well yesterday. All the work on Deane’s hip and legs seems to have gone according to plan. The epidural they put in to numb his legs went in smoothly and has remained effective. The schedule was that after a couple of hours in post-op recovery, Deane would be sent up to … Continue reading

Surgery day

Sitting in the family waiting room. Waiting and waiting. My head is swimming slightly with a combination of exhaustion from a 5 a.m. wake up and nervousness of not knowing what it is going on. Our son has been in surgery for four hours. Still two more hours to go. Then comes a long healing … Continue reading

A different perspective

“What about Christmas?” That was the immediate reaction from my nine-year-old daughter when I announced at the dinner table that Deane was going to have his hip surgery in mid-December. “Does that mean were not going to have our Christmas party?” Well… My husband and I went into reassurance mode. We will work it out. … Continue reading