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The joys of boredom

We were so bored we were going stir crazy. Don’t get me wrong – being bored in a hospital is a good thing. It means nothing medically “interesting” is going on. Nurses and doctors came and went, checking on us, but it was all talk, no prodding, poking, or worse. We were so uninteresting, they … Continue reading

Ask – don’t tell

We’re celebrating an anniversary.  It’s been exactly two months since Deane’s surgery. Two months that have taken us from operation to ICU to constant care to rehabilitation. We’ve been through oxygen saturation difficulties to a collapsed lung to hydration and swallowing concerns. There have been five NG tubes shoved up his nose, days of unappetizing … Continue reading

No rest

There is no resting on your laurels in the world of physio. Last week Deane was weight bearing for the first time since his operation. A few days of pulling himself up on a turntable to aid in transferring and we’re moving on. This week, it is assisted walking. Deane was able in the past … Continue reading

Feet first

Recovery is an incremental process. The changes can be minute. But then some days all those little improvements add up to big changes. Today, for the first time, Deane was allowed to remove the wedge, take off his leg immobilizers and sit with his legs bent, free of any constriction. He looks so much like … Continue reading

The white flag

“Nice way to wake up,” I snarled at the nurses. From my hard, fold-out chair beside my son’s hospital bed, I saw three nurses and heard Deane crying as they peeled his eyelids back to put eye drops his still sleeping eyes. I fell back in my bed and really felt like I might not … Continue reading


I am not prone to happy dances. But then again, it’s been a rather unusual 10 days. What had me grooving by myself in my son’s hospital room was the sight of Deane slowly, stiffly raising his cup to his mouth and sucking back some milk. After a rough night in which Deane had been … Continue reading

What next?

So I finally asked the doctor what it would take for us to get out of the hospital. Only today did I feel we were close enough to the end to ask what hurdles remained. In general, medical staff – the doctors, nurses, specialists – talk about the immediate, which test needs to be done … Continue reading

Rolling on to rehab

“Now the hard work begins.” I couldn’t believe I was saying this to my son who had just spent the last week struggling to breathe with a collapsed lung. He has had tubes stuck down his throat and up his nose to suction the secretions out of his lungs at all times of the day … Continue reading

On the bumpy road to recovery

Deane transferred out of the ICU today. He went more than 24 hours without any assistance breathing so as far as intensive care was concerned, their job was done. At about 1:30, Deane rode his bed through the back halls of the hospital up to the orthopaedic floor. This is the goal for which Deane … Continue reading

Post-Surgery – Day 6. A long day

It was a long day. Deane found it long. I found it long. It wasn’t because it was traumatic. It wasn’t even hard. In fact,  Deane made it look easy. At morning rounds, the nurse reported that Deane had been off his oxygen mask for a total of 6.5 hours yesterday. The doctor suggested we … Continue reading