Post-Surgery – Day 6. A long day

It was a long day. Deane found it long. I found it long.

It wasn’t because it was traumatic. It wasn’t even hard. In fact,  Deane made it look easy.

At morning rounds, the nurse reported that Deane had been off his oxygen mask for a total of 6.5 hours yesterday. The doctor suggested we take the mask off and see how well Deane could handle it.

9 a.m. The mask came off.

Deane dozed.

11:15 The physiotherapist came and worked on Deane’s chest and suctioned a small amount of secretions from his throat. He did the first gentle stretches of Deane’s ankles.

The mask stayed off.

Deane watched videos, was repositioned, “ate” through his feeding tube and the mask stayed off.

2:20 Deane dozed and his oxygen saturation dipped to about 88 twice. He brought it back up himself. The mask stayed off.

Deane watched more videos, was repositioned and “ate.” The mask stayed off.

4:15 The physio came back. Did some stretches of Deane’s hamstrings. Briefly worked on his chest. Suctioned secretions Deane had coughed up. The mask stayed off.

5:20 The doctors did rounds. I had to leave. Deane got upset at me leaving and screamed. The mask stayed off.

Deane watched more videos, was repositioned, “ate,” got bored and opted to read books with me. The mask stayed off.

8:30 Dad arrived for the night shift. Unless Deane needs it during the night, the mask will stay off.

Fingers crossed. Deane has fought through his breathing issues.

Deane would have gone to the orthopaedics floor today, but they didn’t have enough staff. He has a room. He has a bed. The floor didn’t have enough nurses.

The better you get the less people are not poking and prodding you and ordering all sorts of tests and the harder it is to spend the day in the hospital. Healing makes a day seem very long.



One thought on “Post-Surgery – Day 6. A long day

  1. This is wonderful news!!!!! Amazing!!! I know how long the days are. Take care!

    Posted by Louise at BLOOM | December 18, 2012, 10:56 am

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