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Saying thanks

People don’t say “Thank you” enough. I don’t say thank you enough. Stopping to acknowledge something someone has done for you makes the world a kinder and better place, but in the face-in-a-screen, rush-around society we live in, we seem to have lost this. So I want to take this time to say a huge … Continue reading

To the Energizer bunnies …

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked a number of times. After describing the routine of looking after my son overnight, I gave her one last opportunity to back out. But our former babysitter and incredibly generous friend didn’t accept my offer. She just smiled. She had volunteered to stay with Deane … Continue reading

Thank you is insufficient

My husband and I sat by Deane’s bed yesterday afternoon and read the many, many amazing messages that we have received conveying warm thoughts and prayers for Deane. We can’t begin to express how much this means to us. Knowing that there are so many people, some of whom are friends of friends we have … Continue reading