With a lot of help …

The last week was hard: Figuring out Deane non-stop ingesting schedule; Having Deane home because high schools finish a week early; Having our intake meeting with the government agency that has funded the personal support worker who has been feeding Deane dinner since March; Getting those services transferred up to our cottage and endless struggles with the pharmacy over prescriptions and payments. All the while, trying to pack for two months at the cottage.

After a week like that, it was particularly touching to have two of Deane’s uncles, professional  riggers, come up and spend 10 hours climbing trees, running wires, attaching pulleys, securing ropes, building a chair, testing and retesting a modified zip line. The triumph at the end: Deane’s smile when he got on it and flew through the air.

Support like that makes even the worst weeks fade away.


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